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Latest Series: Corner Stones 

In Amanda Watt’s latest series of works on paper, Corner Stones, her usual cast of characters returns, but this time buoyed by confidence and attitude. As a reaction to the social and political status of both her native UK and former home in the USA, her women appear to be reasserting their power, while each individual blurs the borders of race, gender or sexuality.


The series begins with solitary figures, but even these are imbued with a strength of character, making bold statements through the pose, expression, bright colours and strong lines. The second half of the series stand for love, friendship and support: standing up to fair-weather friends and offering olive branches to others. With the use of loose brushwork, some float ghostlike in the background – whether memories, former relationships or previous selves – where other lounge strong and proud. It eventually climaxes with an almost abstract tangle of arms, legs, shapes and colours; all infused with a sort of erotic primitivism.

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