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About Amanda's Work 

A self-confessed ‘Fusionist’, Amanda pays homage to the past: the multiple perspectives of cubism; the bright energy of expressionism and the simplicity of primitivism, all allowing her to show the true integrity of painting. Her every-day world and that of fantasy collide to create bright and joyful images based on the clarity and simplicity of abstract forms.

More About Amanda

Amanda Watt was born in Northern Ireland in 1960. Moving around a lot as a child between towns and countryside, drawing remained the one constant in her life. She graduated with a BA Hons from the Belfast College of Art and Design in 1982, and immediately left for the bustling London art scene. After three years, she was given an opportunity by one of her collectors to move to Los Angeles, where she spent the next twenty years building a successful career as an artist.

Amanda’s work was well-known on the California art scene, with annual exhibitions spanning over ten years at Timothy Yarger Fine art in Beverley Hills, as well as Bowles/Sorokko Galleries in San Francisco, New York and Los Angeles. Her bright, vibrant interior scenes and semi-abstract figurative and landscape paintings became a staple of Californian society, with key collectors including casino mogul Steve Wynn, award-winning film director Barry Levinson and former producer and now successful fashion designer Marla Ginsburg.


However, in 2006, burnt out by the sheer volume of work she was producing, Amanda stepped back from the Californian art scene and moved to Florida. Here she worked hard to uncover her ‘authentic self’ as she puts it: to unify Amanda Watt the artist with Amanda Watt the person, the two of which had been in conflict for decades. “The simple act of not painting gave way to an unimaginable void”, says Watt, but when the eclipse started, she knew it was time to pick up her brushes again. Finally, the most precious gift – the joy of painting – had been restored. “Today I am a better person and a more rounded artist”, muses Amanda. After a ten-year break from exhibiting, Amanda has returned to her native Ireland and is producing some of the most stunning work of her career.

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