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Artist Support Pledge

The Artist Support pledge is a global movement that aims to help artists through the difficult time of COVID-19. Established by artist Matthew Burrows in March 2020, the project urges artists to post their images on Instagram using #artistsupportpledge, and interested buyers can DM the artist directly. The pieces must be no more than £200 (excluding shipping), and every time an artist reaches £1,000 of sales, they pledge to buy £200 of work from another artist.

The movement gives artists a platform to sell their work, and increased visibility when many exhibitions and fairs are on hold. Equally, it gives collectors the opportunity to purchase affordable pieces by a wide variety of artists, and help the artists through tough economic times.

All the pieces on this page are £195 including free global shipping. Please send me a message if you are interested in any of the works. 

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